Ad systems that run without sending cookies?

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In the light of the utter headache created by GDPR, I am considering running my websites without sending any cookies at all.
Under the new rules, I would need explicit consent before sending a cookie to EU users, and the cookies are required for Adsense functionality.
In short - if you ask someone 'do you want cookies' a huge percentage will probably say no, which means your ads cannot be displayed.
So this is a huge chunk of revenue lost.
I could jump through all their hoops but it is such a damn headache and frankly I'm over it.

One option I have is to create my own banners etc and send the traffic to clickbank. I already do this and it's pretty good, I am not bound by Google's rules about placement or using arrows etc to get people to notice the ads. I can do this without setting any cookies.

Other options? Tx. Alex.
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    Hi Lexilexi

    Its not a question of just "cookies", you are liable and questionable for all the EU visitors... GDPR is a complex form of regulation that covers all the online sites.. there are 90% of information sites that run as affiliate marketing sites, most of site owners run their sites on wordpress platform while having lack of technical knowledge; how these people will manage to handle all the following steps according to the requirement and who will guide these webmasters; did they do all the things right or not;

    1) Cookie consent & management
    2) Terms & Conditions policy
    3) Privacy Policy
    4) Right to be forgotten requirement
    5) Data access requirement
    6) Data breach notification requirement
    7) Data rectification system.

    According to some newsgroup's statement; "blocking 500 million users is easier than compling with GDPR"... although these kinds of corporate business have all kind of technical personals with them that cant be compare with the general kind of webmaster.
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      Thanks, but I am aware of all of the above. I would like an answer to the question, please.

      "If there is no door, it becomes necessary to break out through the wall."

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