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I have several sub affiliates that promote Maxbounty offers and I was initially planning on using Maxbounty's internal Sub-ID system to track my sub affiliates clicks and leads. However, this seems risky considering if a sub affiliate of mine breaks TOS while posting their link, it will reflect badly on me because it's my affiliate link. Instead, I thought about using my own affiliate link for a page on my site with my offer (Ex. instead of MaxBounty sub id's. This seems logical, my only dilemma is this: How can I trace a completed sale/lead in Maxbounty to the appropriate subaffiliate using my own subaffiliate link to my webpage, rather than MaxBounty's.

My hypothesis:
Use a url callback in Maxbounty to return the IP address of visitor who completed a sale to my site. Match this IP with the IP address with a click on my subaffiliate website link (in Google Analytics or other service?).

Any suggestions?
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