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Im running a music website currently having around 10M/monthly ad impressions. It is a side business for me, and I really dont have much time to fiddle with optimisation. I have been running mainly Google AdSense (through dfp) but revenue has been fairly low lately.

Any good tips for other ad networks to get up the CPM?

Do any of you have any tips at how to increase revenue? Hiring consultants for maximising etc?
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    Can you share what low earnings is?

    What about using affiliate programs such as itunes, amazon music, etc?
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    Did you get any useful tips on growing your site revenues?

    Look at partners that can help you get access to multiple demand sources. They use header bidders to access more advertisers and create healthy competition for your ad impressions. Ad quality should also improve.
    These header bidders will also compete with your existing AdSense account (AdSense is essentially one of many demand sources available) and drive up the CPM.

    I've recommended and used 'The Publisher Desk' to clients - they are specialists in this space and work on a revenue share with website owners.
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    Amazon FBA some awesome music products.
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    Music website has never worked out for me, started it last time but got knocked out by DMCA, folks said there is some hosting company that don't give a damn about DMCA, any help with that. Thanks
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    I think you need to optimize the audio tracks first!
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