Anyone here that has the same experiences?

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Hi all.
It's been a while for me. Been busy lately and barely had any time to focus in IM.

Anyway, since the past couple of weeks i have been experimenting again, made some sales, found some networks that convert, some that don't etc.
Through my search i took note somewhere about PropellerAds, seemed to be a decent network with some nice conversions to quite some people so i figured to try them out.

Ran some campaigns with them for a about a week, made some sales and found some really sweet spots (or so, i thought).
I've found several zones that convert quite well, some that barely convert, a lot that didn't convert at all and a few that converted amazingly well.

The strange thing with them though, is that every time i isolated a zone and set up a seperate campaign on it, the traffic on those zones instantly dropped to (almost) zero.

Whereas for some zones that converted great the basic CPM in the main campaign was €2,60, delivering 7 conversions in less than 300 clicks.
Isolating these zones on MAX BID brought me NOTHING AT ALL (70 visitors over the day).
Their indicator states that the volume for these zones is around 30/50 visitors daily on Max Bid (€14 CPM), while my main campaign delivered 300 in 2 hours on a relatively low bid.

Since this happened a few times with this network now i am starting to think that they monitor the zones of their advertisers and as soon as they find some very nice converting ones, they switch zones and send crap traffic to those zones.

I understand that it could happen once in a while, thinking you found a great zone and it appears to be just luck.
However, the combination (Relatively low bid on main campaign, high volume, few converting zones on low bid, isolating them, traffic drops like bricks even on max bid without any conversions for several times in a row) is something that seems very odd in my eyes, or do you guys think i am just having very bad luck five times in a row?

Anyone with the same experience on this or other networks? I would love to hear your stories.

Thanks in advance, Danny.
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