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What is ctr benchmark on banner ads? If a banner ad has a CTR of 0.05 % would that mean 5 clicks per thousand impressions since banner ad are measured on thousand impressions. Realistically how many can one expect for clicks on 728x90 banner ad ; is above the fold and the ad mmatches the target audience?
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    CTR = Click Through Rate: It means that If the banner ad is shown to 1000 people, then only 50 people shall click on the banner ad. It is an unit of measure for the number of clicks that it may get.

    CPI = Cost Per Impression: Here if an ad is displayed to 1000 people then it means that the ad has made '1000 impressions'. So the cost will be dependent on impressions and not Clicks. Clicks are irrelevant parameter in CPI.

    CPC = Cost Per Click: If only 50 out of 1000 people end up clicking the banner ad, then the cost is calculated for those 50 clicks and not for 1000 impressions. Impressions are irrelevant parameter in CPC.
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    There is now averages.
    Even if you specify niche and site it's hard to tell 'coz CTR may drastically vary from one banner to another.
    Only A-B tests will help you to figure out it for you and your options: niche, Ad Network, publishers' sites, colours, CTA buttons, animations and many many other options.
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