CPA Advertisers - Who Do You Recommend?

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Hey Warriors,

I'm looking to generate leads via CPA, but I'm not sure what network to go with.

Do you have any recommendations for networks that have a good track record of delivering high-quality leads?

Thanks a ton!
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    NeverBlue, Hydra, CXDigital, Azoogle, so many to choose from!

    I like Advaliant a lot too, they have really great exclusive offers.

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      Originally Posted by markdsullivan View Post

      I like Advaliant a lot too, they have really great exclusive offers.
      Hey Mark,

      Thanks for the reply.

      I'm actually looking to advertise using CPA to create leads for my business - not generate leads for somebody else's.
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    It depends what you are doing. Some networks are better for certain niches and others for other niches.

    Also, to be an advertiser on some of the larger networks there is a bunch of criteria you must meet and you better have some good cash to get started.

    Sorry couldnt be more helpful but would need more information to direct you in the right direction.

    best of luck
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    Neverblue, Hydranetwork and AzoogleAds are my top 3. They always pay on time and they have an excellent variety of CPA offers.
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    Hey Chris,

    Here are some CPA networks that you can use to get quality leads:

    MaxBounty, PantheraNetwork, Rextopia, NeverBlueAds, AzoogleAds, SearchCactus, PrimaryAds.

    AdNetMarket - CPA Affiliate Network - $150 Sign Up Bonus
    AIM: AdNetMarket | Email Us
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    I think some people here are confusing advertisers with publishers. just to clear it up

    Chris wants to be an advertiser, meaning he wants to post an offer. He wants to pay people to give him leads. When you go onto networks and see the offers, he wants to be the guy that developed one of those offers...hes on the backend.

    A publisher is on the opposite end. They are (like most people on here) looking to get affiliate links and get people to fulfill their action. If somebody fullfills the action, the advertiser (Chris) will pay them for that lead.

    A cpa network is the middle man platform that shows all of the different advertiser's offers that the publishers can choose from to promote. They get a cut for providing this service.

    Hope I didnt just confuse anyone. PM me if you still dont understand.
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      Kenster is correct, the OP wants to buy leads, not sell.
      That's why I suggested LeadPile - Online Exclusive Lead Marketplace / Lead Exchange
      They are a lead broker and auction house. A lot of Warriors
      could make bank selling them leads which they in turn
      auction to people like the OP. I am not an affiliate, just
      recommending a good place for buying and selling leads.

      “Strategy without action is a day-dream; action without strategy is a nightmare.” – Old Japanese proverb -

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    Hey Chris..

    Here's My Top 5 List.. (and in exact order:-)


    Just wanted to share...
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