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by madmin
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Being Facebook is the number 2 website @ I figured it would throw me comparably good traffic to some of my campaigns.

I've been so disappointing from the minimal amount of traffic produced from this gigantic database of users.

I've tried to broaden my campaign to reach just about everyone on facebook and still only saw 5 clicks in a week.

Has anyone had success from facebook and if so what am I doing wrong?

Theirs got to be a trick to this that I'm not getting, any input is good input.
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    hmm.. That's interesting. Maybe your ads just do not stick out enough. I see Facebook as an avenue for large amounts of traffic, but not exactly quality traffic.

    I have targeted a relatively small niche on Facebook, and received very large amounts of traffic, for a very small conversion rate. I don't recommend it.
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    Madmin, that's exactly what I'm saying.

    This is an example of the PINNACLE of targeted traffic:

    My friend is a computer games geek of the highest degree. The ads that show up on his facebook are "beta testing for X game available, click here!".

    So yes, target your ad groups. If I had a business related offer, i would target it to all business development managers, sales people, and business owners of the ages 25 and over. The older crowd tend to convert higher as they are:

    a) less exposed to landing pages
    b) have money.
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    Yes, Ive found great success laser targeting demographics on facebook. This means literally changing every ad for every slightest change in demographic.

    Too many people just target by age, or gender, or both of those on facebook but youve got to dig a little deeper than that and customize ads to really appeal to each and every person you are targeting.

    The potential is me

    good luck
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    I would guess some of the free ecard and smiley download offers might work well for the younger facebookers as no payment is normally needed to download the toolbars etc
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    Never tried those specific offers, but remember to be very targeted and know your audience. As you mentioend younger audiences a lot of times like to click on all kinds of ads but dont even own a cc.

    There are still pockets of gold all over facebook thoguh!
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    Facebook do not have a quality score like Google, however its in your best interest to get the best possible CTR and make your ad appealing to the audience you are targeting.

    You know each ad has a little x on it to close the ad? Well when people click that x on your ad then Facebook ticks it down as a negative effect on your quality score.

    Do you know what makes people want to click the x on an ad? Well when you have the same ad running every single day and the audience get bored with seeing the same ad then they will just click that x and your CTR will go down and you will be paying a lot more than you need to. Be sure to have multiple ads and keep things fresh so your audience are seeing new ads regularly and are therefore more inclined to click the ad rather than the x, thus increasing your CTR dramatically and lowering your CPC.

    Facebook is completely different to Google. Quality score is not an issue. The name of the game with Facebook is keeping things fresh and appealing. Do not waffle on too long in your ads either. You get a lot of room to add lots of text, but don't think this means you need to use it as no one wants to waste time reading an "AD"! Keep it short and sweet and get your message across.

    You want to track all of your ads, the age they are targeting and everything and have different ads for different age groups etc. Someone that's 70 is not going to be attracted to an ad that is visually designed for a teenager and vice versa. Keep everything fresh, but also have different style of ads for different ages, genders, etc.

    I hope this helps.

    NEW Full service marketing & media agency catering for small/medium sized local businesses -

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    heres a question, what is widget and application advertising like, i read about it but not sure how to do it.
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    I've never ran a profitable campaign on facebook. I know guys doing 4 figures a day on that platform alone, and some have helped me, and still I cannot get it going. Im fine elsewhere IMO, no constant reuploading of campaigns for me!
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    I have clicked on a few facebook links. Recently they have been very well targeted to me and my interests. Kind of creepily well sometimes actually.
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    There is craploads of traffic on Facebook, you can easily spend 5 figures a day there.

    It's just a different platform that requires you to change your game a little.

    Generally the click costs fall within a range, no matter what your advertising.

    Compared to say Adwords where 'debt' keywords cost way more than 'pet food'.

    There are ways to get super cheap clicks on facebook, but you might have to click on my sig to find out how.
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