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Hello Warriors,

I am a newbie on Bing Ads, however, i have some experience with Google & FaceBook ads.
I've watched a YouTube video about bing ads.

What i did is the following, i've made two seperate campaings for a product.
In both campaigns and keyword are exactly the same. However, one is focused on the syndicate network and the other one on the Bing ads network.

The keywords are all exact phrase keywords.
The budget for the campaings is €5 euro a day. (I know this isn't much but should be enough to obtain a few clicks.)

I just noticed that my bids where set on €0,05 i've change it know to €0,15

I'd like to hear your thoughts about this, thanks in advance!
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    Change the bids; there are other bidders paying more than you thats why you are not getting traffic. You need to bid high; keep the spend at $5 - $10 per day. Bid $1; and keep lowering down until you are receiving no clicks; then you know what bid to set to keep on getting traffic.
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