MaxBounty Advice Needed (Offer Expiration, etc)

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I have several questions regarding campaigns and advertising that I was hoping someone could answer.

I recently emailed my affiliate manager asking with the following: In my past experience marketing on Maxbounty, I have had several campaigns discontinued shortly after I began sending targeted traffic to the them. This has been expensive and time consuming spending resources promoting campaigns that are discontinued abruptly. How can I check the expected longevity of a campaign? Or find out if a specific campaign will be expiring soon?

Also, I work with several advertisers (sub-affiliates) that own various social media accounts and websites that I believe would pair well with Maxbounty's campaigns. Can I post my affiliate links on their websites/social media given that I follow all the campaign terms?

I go no response from my affiliate manager and just want to know if there is a way to check on the expected longevity of a campaign and if Maxbounty allows sub-affiliates? Does anyone know?

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    This is unfortunately part of the game.

    One thing you should find out is if the offers got pulled from the network (everyone) or just you.

    Networks can lose offers for various reasons (out of cap, merchant payment problems, merchant goes down, etc). This is typically unpredictable and happens to everyone.

    If it's just you then it could be a problem with the traffic source or quality of traffic.
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    I mainly generate PPL offers and there are times a network is capped and they simply run out and the offer gets paused till the next month. The best thing I have found to do is to find the same offer on other networks. Then you can just change out your links on your redirect and keep promoting.

    I would definitely look into why this keeps happening to you. Is it everyone or just you?
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    You can go to offervault and find similar offer. Traffic quality is a concern for merchant. But at the end of the day if the prospect is pre-qualified; it doesn't matter what traffic source. At the end of the day they are trying to convert that prospect into customer.
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    If the offer discontinued abruptly it's probably either the traffic you sent was converting but the value wasn't high enough for Maxbounty. But if you caught a vertical go with that. Let's say you started a Sweepstakes campaign with a specific landing page that worked for you, you can easily either create a similar landing page or just take more offers. There's an abundant of CPA networks that are working on specific niches. Maxbouty is a huge marketplace for CPA offers, but you can use them as a type of inspiration on what to run if you feel their messing up your business with the way they close and open offers. Offervault would definitely be the way to move forward
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    skype your account manage, don't email him, because this is important point before spend your money & time. I suggest also to pick up the stability offer with unlimited CAPs/day
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      Totally agreed, before spending a single dollar get al the facts right, it's your money, and go for offers with easier flow so you could start just a bit smoother
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      Well of course, I have two hats with AdMAven, I am the head of the Self Service platform and media buyer for our offers. And i know that the info i can give wouldn't insure success, but the advertisers would definitely get the full picture. When i go to buy traffic, even if it's a 50$ test or a 1K quick deposit to buy tons of traffic for something i'm runnig, i never do anything without it. I want to know where the traffic comes from, is it direct or 3rd party, it matters to my decision making, if i know traffic is direct i know i can continue because it changes, it is dynamic because the users change and the sites change.
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