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Hi All,

My first post, long time lurker.

I am running facebook ads with retargeting for my shopify store. The main ad redirects to my homepage and then the retargeting targets people who triggered "viewcontent" event (didnt bounce, viewed product page).

It works relatively well, however id like to optimize it more.

What I am trying to find out is the timeframes between initial visit and the purchase event. I believe i might be wasting a lot of money if I am retargeting people who visited page 30 days ago and the average window between visit to purchase is say 7 days. Or vice versa...

I know I could do it by creating multiple retagerting campaigns targeting different time frames (0-7;7-14;14-21,etc) but it will take time and money to gather data.

Is there any way to extract that info from current retargeting campaign?

Many thanks.
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    The way to do it is as you said, creating multiple re targeting campaigns for different time segments.

    Now, the most important part. I believe on your Shopify store you have multiple products right? It's not a one page product.

    So why do you re-target people coming from the homepage with an objective of VC?

    Re-targeting should be towards people who has shown a buyer intent, not only visiting the page.

    Try run conversions campaigns to your PRODUCT PAGES and then re-target the visitors.

    Good luck!
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      Thanks for a reply.

      I sell digital product - there are 6 products (5 individual and 1 whole shop bundle). They are all listed on my homepage.

      I did run catalog ads for a while (which sent people to the product page) but ended up losing money because i couldnt figure out how to seperate bouncing visitors to visitors who check other products and doesnt bounce straight away. Hence the retargeting campaigns were not effective in my case. Pixel still counts landing and bouncing on product page as ViewContent.

      When i send people to my homepage (which aswell has all my products listed) pixel will not count it as VIewConent and only will if customer checks out the products, hence i can separate bounce visits from those who show interest.

      Campaigns which were targeting all visits ended up costing 2x per sale than the product itself.

      I know you might say that my targeting is off, and it may aswell be, but its a very niche site and i try to target audience as best i can with interests.

      If there is better way in targeting non bouncing customer im all ears?
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  • You should create fresher retargeting groups
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