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Bing Ads what are the pros and cons?

I would like to get into it to promote clickbank products can someone point me if its worthwhile?

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    The cons are that Google is the search engine of choice for most potential customers.

    Bing does not have nearly as much traffic as Google, but they are not quite as fussy about dotting every I and crossing every T in your ad and landing page. Bing is more friendly to affiliate marketers and products from Clickbank are welcome. In any case, if they find your ad misleading in any way they will let you know and you can get immediate online help to adjust as needed.

    Bing is also less expensive than Adwords in your keyword selections. If you are new to online advertising in general, Bing provides a relatively inexpensive way to learn and master the process.
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  • It is worthwhile as what SiteNameSales mentioned. Although Bing has only 30% of all search traffic but the demographics is 80% US. You can start with small budget to test your ads to see which one can give you good ROI.
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    i am Using Bing Ads 2 years Now.
    Bing Ads Pros and Cons.
    "️ User Interface :The Bing interface is easy to navigate & understand - it is simple, clean & does not have too many confusing 'extras' thrown in.
    "️ Low CPC: Bing is less popular than Google and the average cost-per-click on Bing Ads can be up to 70% lower compared to AdWords
    "️ Larger Character Limit :Bing allows for a 40 character title, while Google has a 25 character limit. This can help give you more targeted ad text and keyword specificity on Bing.
    "️ Top-of-Page Ad Placement: Bing shows more ads at the top of the search engine page when compared to Google, which is a highly desirable ad placement because those are most easily found and seen.

    "️ Low Traffic Volume: Bing has a much smaller market share than Google, so if you concentrate too much there, you could lose potential customers who are not using Bing or Yahoo as their search engine.
    Try Bing Ads for Low CPC and Better Conversion Rates.
    Good Luck.
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    With Bing being less competitive and therefore sometime cheaper
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    Some other Bing/Microsoft positives which I take advantage of

    - country targeting (make sure you uncheck the box which says "People searching for or viewing pages about your targeted locations") - adjust bid levels percentage-wise for different countries

    - adjusted bid levels for device targeting (desktop, tablet, smartphone)

    - demographics bid adjustments for age & male/female

    - Audience ads (bid adjustments available)
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    it's too expensive and the traffic is not great either.
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    Originally Posted by nadeemz View Post


    Bing Ads what are the pros and cons?

    I would like to get into it to promote clickbank products can someone point me if its worthwhile?

    We run tons of traffic on bing Its worth it , con is they have less volume and sometimes are a little buggy , pro is less competetion and less cpc
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