What are your views on this (JvZoo related)?

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I have couple of queries regarding JvZoo:

1) Are JvZoo offers geo-dependent or can be promoted in any country.
2) Can I promote JvZoo offers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc?
3) Do I need to make my own funnels or vendor provides the funnels for upsales / downsales etc?
4) Do I need to have email list for JvZoo?
5) What type of categories are best on JvZoo?
6) What are your overall views on JvZoo?

Looking forward and thanking you in anticipation.


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    Some top affiliate marketers earn 5 to 6 digit income per month with their business .JVZoo one of the biggest affiliate networks has seen this problem in the market.there are less high quality products which are worth promoted and there are less qualified affiliate to promote offers today.
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    A few comments on JVZoo . . .

    most JVZoo products can be promoted in any country.

    Most social-media won't allow DIRECT affiliate links, so you'd need to make a page on a website or blog of yours with the affiliate link on it, then link from the social-media to your website or blog.

    One great thing about JVZoo is that they tell you EPC's, which are what really matters . . . not payout (think about it!). But remember that products that have sold less than 10 copies, the EPC might be unrealistic.

    Also understand that testing takes more money or time the bigger the payout is. A good rule of thumb is that you need to spend 3 times as much on paid traffic compared to your payout, for a single test (because real random events are much more clustered than people think), then change one word or one setting and that's a new test. Most beginners don't understand that, and so never get any realistic test results. Same applies to free traffic, the bigger the payout, the more clicks you need for each test.

    Learn from all the relevant trainings on JVZoo, and join their official FaceBook Group and ask questions there.

    I hope that helps,

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    JVZoo has a lot of great products and product creators using their system, unfortunately lately it seems like a lot of junk is getting sold through JVZoo, seems a lot of creators are good at making slick sales pages but don't put as much time into making a great product.

    Most social media sites don't let you put your affiliate links in ads, but they best way have your traffic from the ad go to a landing page and try capture their email address then send them to the affiliate link. This will build your list so you have an audience to email directly without having to worry about social media platform rules.
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