After 10 days of trying, still zero impressions on Google Ads

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Hi, we have put out many google ad campaigns for our Youtube videos mostly without any problems in the past. But 10 days ago we put out a new campaign; the ad got approved quite quickly, but since then we are getting zero impressions, no matter what we try. We usually get at least a few impressions... zero smacks of something technically wrong. We contacted google ads support. They checked our campaign and advised us to try various things:

1) raise the CPV (we already raised it to 20 times the original price, up to about $0.3 per view)
2) we erased the audience and topics preferences to appeal to all;
3) split the campaign into two ad groups (one for audience and one for topics).
4) Also we tried erasing the campaign and starting a fresh one.

Nothing worked...
Anything else to do? its really puzzling us. Could a video be approved, yet blocked in some other way from being promoted?

Many thanks
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    There are many factors that could be contributing to your issue of not seeing any impressions.

    1.) The account might be under review - yes the ad might be approved but in certain instances they routinely review accounts and during that time your ads will not serve.

    2.) You might have contradictory exclusion settings.

    3.) Your targeting might be too narrow. (esp. if you're targeting placements only)

    4.) Check your location settings.

    5.) Also this may sound silly but make sure you're viewing reports for the right day (sometimes with the conflicting time zones you'll select Today but it's actually Yesterday in your time zone)

    Hope this helps, wish you the best of luck with your campaign.
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      Hi, I checked all of those... they don't apply. As far as I could tell. One thing I don't understand is whether audiences is an "AND" with topics or is it an OR...
      i.e. if you have Audience A and topic B in one ad group, is it different than having Audience A in group A and topic B in group B? (all under the same campaign..)

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    There are two reasons for this either you have to choose a very narrow audience or if you choosing a platform and your ad is not shown on that particular video means the owner of that video restrict all ads from their channel.
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      Hi, I didn't limit the ad to be displayed in any particular video... and I tried widening the audience to everyone, even. Still zero.
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    Much obliged, will try all of those...
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    I like your womderful shearing on blog!
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    As per your query above it operates on an AND framework when you set it that way.

    It's very, very weird that you're not getting any impressions though. You'll definitely want to reach out to them via call and get them to walk through everything live on the phone.
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