Does Targetting "Interest" based LOW-Inten keywords work?

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Hi everyone,

Scenario: I want to target Barbers to my landing page that talk about building a barbershop business.

If I target barber tools, clippers, etc etc , will this drive traffic? I know it's low intent, they arent searching to download my ebook, they're searching to buy a clipper, but I'm trying to disrupt that and create interest in my ebook.

Has anyone ever dones interest based adwords campaigns? Does it work? I feel like they quality score will be so low, google may not list the ad because the CTR's will be low.

anyway, I feel like I'm rambling.. thoughts anyone?

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    No. It should work. It is relevant, and people will click on your ads. Probably more than on the directly relevant ads (tools, etc.) Why? Well, you're giving them a direct guide how to increase their profits. It's my opinion, though.
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