Marketer that is good in google ads, Facbeook ads, email marketing, Linkedin Ads at the same time?

by acchao
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Do you think is possible?

Since people are talking about:
- Facebook specialist
- Google Ads specialist
- Email marketing specialist

Would it be possible to good at all these things at the same time?

Or... As long as you're fundamentally good in marketing, copy writing, targetting, these platform is
secondary. You just need time to master them.

Whats your thought?
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    In my opinion based on what I have done so far in my life, I have focused on one platform at a time. For example, I was running FB ads for clients way back in 2013 when no one was really doing them. I helped a lot of clients plus made good money from FB ads.

    Nowadays, I run Google ads of about $150 per day and its been almost 3 years I have touched FB ads because Google ads have been really profitable for me.

    So my advice is to stick to 1 platform, master it and then move on to 2nd platform.
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    It's not impossible but it is very difficult to to good at all these things at the same time.
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  • Honestly you should learn how to market with all of them since it should be your purpose in life to be a great "marketer of anything" - rather than just an expert at creating or delivering your product of service. If you want to be great at those things, then go and be great at them. It can only serve to do you much benefit for your business.
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    You certainly can be good at all these at once but it will just take time to learn all of the different platforms and nuances. I think if you just start with one at a time you could do it pretty easily, so yes I think it is possible. In general marketing skills translate to different platforms.
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