Do many networks require the affiliate to request payment?

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According to what I've read, some networks require the affiliate to request payment in order to be paid. Is that a common practice? Obviously, less than ethical networks can use this to avoid or delay making payments by pretending that they never received the requests. And I have seen reports that suggest that this unsavory practice is actively being used.

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  • As far as I know this is not necessary to be the case. Most CPA networks I have worked with just have a minimum payout that you need to reach before getting paid.

    For ex:
    You need to reach $100 to get paid and payouts goes out 15th of the next month.
    So your generated leads for May will be paid in 15th of June as long as you have reached the minimum payout required.

    Some networks allow you to set this details in your profile, How often you like to get paid and payment option.
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