70-80% drop in CPC in Adsense overnight.

by pauls2
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I saw this huge drop all of a sudden. I mean literally the next day across all geos. CPC has delined steeply and it's the second day since it happened. Wondering if anyone else is facing the same issue? Any idea why this happened?

There was no drop in traffic or alexa rank.
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    Sometimes it just happens. Perhaps a high-paying advertiser relevant to your site stopped buying ads. Perhaps advertisers weren't getting much return from your site, so decided to move elsewhere. Perhaps it's the time of year.

    There's nothing you can do if you have followed all Google's recommendations. CPC does vary - all you can do is to keep your site well maintained and write new, high quality posts or articles regularly.
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    There is no guarantee that CPC will remain the same and I think you know that while working with CPC networks.

    The possible reason it may happen is AdSense decreasing CPC. like it was used to be $0.20 for my tech blog 10 years back and now it's merely $0.05 per click.
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