Has this happened to you? "Upload a photo of yourself" on Facebook

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I had a client who attempted to create a new Facebook business page, but then see this message from Facebook, prompting her to take upload a photo of herself.

She uploads her photo and Facebook continue to prompt for a photo.

Anyone had experience with this?
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    This happened to me this weekend. I tried to make a profile to keep my business and personal profiles separate. I was asked to upload a photo of myself, which I did. But since then I have been kicked off FB. My personal FB profile has been ok, just the new one has been shut down.
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    The same happened to me when I was trying to sign up for a professional FB account 2 weeks ago. I put the logo of my company as profile pic, and just messaged one potential partner on messenger. 2 days later FB blocked my account saying there was some suspicious activity on my account and asking me to upload a picture of my face. I did, still FB kicked me off nonetheless. Is it because there have been too many fake accounts and abusive users on FB? I wonder if it is possible to use FB for commercial/professional purposes anymore.
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