YouTube ads . . . how do they relate to quoted EPC's, and Google ad costs?

by Chris-
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I am intending to test some YouTube ads, having watched several webinars on the subject.

2 questions :

1) If I see, on JVZoo, an average EPC (for a product that has sold more than 50 copies) of 50cents, am I likely to get that EPC using YouTube ads, or am I likely to be spending more or less. I know if will vary according to a lot of factors, but I would like to know which products I can consider testing.

2) The other end of this . . . will I spend about the same on a YouTube ad as a Google ad? i.e. can I research Google ad CPC costs and relate those to YouTube ad costs.

Obviously, if I can get real answers to both these questions, I will know a which products are worth testing.

Thanks in advance for any info from someone with experience in this.

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