Any help on using PopAds Network to run CPA offers ?

by Eoin71
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Hi all

I am running a campaigns on

It is an offer from PeerFly its target Geo is South Africa and the payout is 4.20

I have a very limited budget to test at the moment.

So far I have had 47 clicks from my two landing pages to the offer at a average cost of around 12 cent a click .
I got one conversion on the first day of running the the offer and nothing since

Would I be right and saying that if the offer pays out 4.20 and i am getting clicks to the offer for 12 cent that i need to get 1 conversion in every 35 to break even and anything better would be profit ?

Do any of you have a rule when testing these types of offers using as in how long do you run the offer before you stop it ?

How many clicks to the offer should you have to make a call on whether to stop or keep running a campaign ?

Is anyone aware of any resources to learn more about PopAds ?

I have been told by PeerFly that is a good place to start for beginners .

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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