What's the best paid traffic source for a HIGH END dating offer? (Traffic Quality > Quantity)

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I'm working with a successful*men's dating coach. We want to test an offer for a month of 1-1 coaching in the mid 4-figure price range.

Because this offer isn't for everyone, we want to target based on things like spending habits, occupation, income, etc.

Even good interest-based targeting would be a huge help.

Facebook would let us do all of this. But as we all know they don't take too kindly to dating ads...

So what are some ad networks that enable us to target the right people... AND allow dating ads?

Unlike affiliate dating offers, we're looking for quality of traffic over quantity. We want to get in front of customers who can afford a premium price point. Navigating all the ad networks to try to find one where we can do this has been a bit overwhelming. There's a lot out there.

Hoping you can help shortcut this process! Any/all input would be greatly appreciated.
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