Adsense: Auto Ads vs. Manual Ad Placement

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I'm curious, for those of you who are currently monetizing your sites with Adsense, do you utilize the Auto ad feature?

How has your experience been using auto ads? Is it worth using auto ads over manual ad placement/using widget space?

From what I can tell, using auto ads will place more than the 3 ads per page limit - which should increase your overall earnings. However, I'm worried that using auto ads will make the user experience worse.

What do you all think?


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    Try manual , better than auto
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    If you are running a small and still growing website, focus on growth and not micro-manage your ad setup. Once it is worth it, get into placing ads manually and constantly optimize it.
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    From my experience of ads placed on the website, it is better to go with Manual ads placement instead of Auto ads. Auto ads are annoying from the reader point of view sometimes overlay ads on top of the content while on other no display of ads if the site is very new.
    Google itself is in process of maturing their Auto ads placement machine learning system so it is better to continue right now with manual ads instead of auto ads placement
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      Thanks for your insight. I assumed manual placement would be better but I just thought I would check to see what you all thought. I will stick with manual placement for now as I do not want to annoy my readers.
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    I think manual ads placement is far better than auto ads. In manual ads, placement of ads is our hand. We can display high cpc ads at the place we want to display it. In auto adsa google can show any ads at any position which sometimes annoys the user.
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    I have problems with auto ads setup. I could not remove an auto ad set up for custom channel. Neither AdSense community nor AdSense did solve the problem. When I try to remove the custom channel, it vlinks some time and does nothing. I do not now how to solve the issue. Better to set up manual ads instead of auto ads
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