Facebook CBO now mandatory for all advertisers

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Hey Warriors!

Facebook announced a couple months ago that the Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) feature will become a default setting for all advertisers starting Sept 2019.

So I just wanted to create a brief thread outlining all the basics of what you should know to adapt to the change:
  • CBO optimizes your ad spend allocation across the different ad sets in your campaign
  • You only need to change your budget on the campaign level
  • Facebook allocates more budget to the winning ad set that's driving better results
  • If you want to use a more aggressive manual bid strategy, you can use the cost cap or bid cap strategy. Otherwise, using lowest cost is a good automatic bid strategy to start with,
  • You can still control ad set budget, by setting a minimum and maximum ad spend limit
  • Lower your cost per action by turning off one of your under performing ad sets
  • Give Facebook's algorithm time to stabilize during the learning phase as it takes time for the algorithm to figure out
Here's a diagram comparing two campaigns - one with CBO and one without:

For advertisers who have already started to use CBO, have you been getting better results with Facebook automating it? Or was it better when you had more control?
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    with campaign budget optimization total conversion is improve
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    I just hope CBO will make things better. Any experience?
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