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My target niche is work at home, I wanted to give banner advertising a try. What banner ad networks do you recommend for this niche?

Or do you suggest another form of targeted advertising for this niche.

Thanks in advance!
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    Hello, maybe better will be if you will check ad platforms in google search ? Then you can right them letter to ask abt what re u interesting in ...and start work with one of them
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    The best way is to "go direct" ... find websites which you think have the audience that would be interested in whatever you're offering and buy from them!

    Usually, these websites will have a media kit - which details their websites stats, also you can verify on site analytical tools like similarwebs, quantcast, alexa ..... et cetera
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    for you niche adssense will be always number1. you can try yahoo ads too if you have much trafic
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    Hi imiconcepts,

    A great network to run banner ads is the Google Ads Display Network. Be aware that there is a learning curve. You need to learn how to create effective banner ads, custom landing pages, and implement Marketing Analytics to assist in measuring and managing your Banner Ad campaigns.

    Google Ads Display Network supports Responsive Banner Ads, Image Ads, and animated (HTML5) Banner ads.They also provide a free tool for designing Banner ads.

    Some advantages are:
    • Ads displayed on millions of the most popular websites
    • Set any daily budget you want
    • Set the Maximum Cost Per Click you are willing to pay
    • Pay only for Ad clicks, impressions are free
    • Highly granular targeting based on geographic location, demographics, affinities, In-market behavior, Placements, custom intent audiences, and Remarketing cookies.

    Of course with so many ways to target audiences and and due to the many ad formats available you can expect to have a steep learning curve to master the setup and managing of your campaigns, however probably the best way to grow from small to large.

    You will need to learn and follow Google's strict guidelines and policies as they are a top tier platform and require the highest level of advertiser responsibilities.


    Don Burk
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    You can try registering to become a pubsliher at propellerads.com because there are many types of advertisements such as banner ads, native ads and many other types of ads and also payment every week (Thursday)
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