Spotify rises as another channel for advertising

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You read that right. Spotify, arguably the most popular music subscription service, is seeing increased use as a digital marketing channel.

Conventional social media channels - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - have become so saturated with ads from so many advertisers that some advertisers look for alternate channels, including Spotify.

Here's a breakdown of how it's possible

With around 240 million active users and 113 million subscribers, Spotify has a sizeable audience advertisers can explore. Brands can promote on Spotify in different ways:

Paid ads - Spotify has deep analytics, and they fully understand their user's listening behaviours, allowing advertisers to be more specific. Consider Spotify's stats on how millenials use Spotify:
  • 68% of streams happen on mobile.
  • They are 64% more likely to buy brands they see advertised.
  • They stream more on repeat than random.
  • They are 90% more likely to have the latest tech products.

That much data means advertisers can start working on understanding which ad format works best.

Playlists - There are over two billion playlists on Spotify, and according to a report one-third of these are user-generated playlists. This is a good option for brands who prefer engaging users and increasing organic reach, where advertisers can curate branded playlists with songs reflecting your company's mood. Large brands like McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and H&M all have Spotify playlists.
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    This is brilliant! This means there are more and more opportunities for content creators to earn more! There's no better time to be alive! I don't make music nor do I have Spotify but I'm happy for those who do!
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