Source to create banner ads?

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Looking for the best, free source to create banners ads...thanks for any and all ideas...
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    Most of the free banner making websites/programs design banners that look like they came from 1997 so I would strongly advise you to pay somebody to create a high quality banner for you. If you're doing media buys the amount of money made/lost on a good banner vs a bad banner can make you cry. Go on any graphics/design forum and you'll find really talented teens and college students who can crank out a high quality banner within hours for no more than $20.
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      Great thoughts...thanks p2y!
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    Any links you can send me through on where to get a decent banner made up|?

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    I would advise against any free banner ad generators. You can either create your own banner off photoshop tutorials or pay to get one done..These look more legitimate and would increase conversions.

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    Hello. I don't know if you would call it decent but I've used bannersketch(dot)com to make a few. They have a tool after you make it to insert your link if you don't have a html/javascript editor. Take note the free editor does imprint a very small BF logo in the right hand corner.
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    you can try 123-banner(dot)com, creatingonline(dot)com, banner-generator(dot)com, bannersketch(dot)com. That are good start, if I may say. But the best I think, asking my friend who are expert as a graphic designer to make me the banner.
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      Would like to talk to your graphic designer...if you want to disclose please send me PM or here...

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    I would suggest just for testing why not using Google's Display Ads and advertise them in the content network. If you see that one display ad runs -> get a designer and make a "real" banner!
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