Uber ventures into advertising in new OOH deal

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Adweek reports that Uber partnered with OOH (out-of-home) advertising firm Adomni to install advertising displays atop some of its partner vehicles. The ride-hailing app also launched a new business unit, Uber OOH Powered by Adomni, to support the programme. It will also install OOH displays on more than a thousand cars in three cities come April 1.

Participating cities include Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix, and each driver participating in the pilot programme will receive $300 to install the display units, plus another $100 weekly when driving north of 20 hours with the displays.

And Uber vehicles will now look like regular cabs with OOH advertising as seen below (but of course without all the taxi decals):

They have the potential to become an OOH advertiser too, as it's reported that that sector is in a resurgence, particularly driven by tech which Uber is an expert. And yes, I've seen Grab units with OOH ads installed in Southeast Asia.
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