OOH advertising is resurging

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Traditional advertising has long been predicted as an afterthought in today's digital-centric ad space. OOH (out of home) advertising, is particularly suspect because it was no longer deemed effective in capturing consumer attention as marketers focused on using more targeted and measurable methods.

However, a study concluded that OOH ads experience growth per quarter for a 35% increase from 2010 to 2018. And by 2021, experts have predicted that OOH advertising will be a $33 billion industry.

This revival is pretty much attributed to technology advances, and more importantly - online ads have reached a tipping point that people have become immune and pissed from seeing targeted ads. I personally report every ad I see on Instagram, I have adblockers installed on my Edge Chromium and Google Chrome, and I make sure I skip every ad that shows on YouTube.

In contrast, strategically-placed billboards, for instance, still have their touch and are often still more effective advertising strategies. To put things into perspective, here are the top 20 OOH spenders:
  1. Apple
  2. McDonalds
  3. Geico
  4. Netflix
  5. Google
  6. American Express
  7. Metro by T-Mobile
  8. Amazon
  9. M&Ms
  10. Chevrolet
  11. Facebook
  12. Universal Pictures
  13. Coca-Cola
  14. AT&T
  15. Comcast
  16. MillerCoors
  17. HBO
  18. Disney
  19. Anheuser-Busch
  20. Sprint

And this is just the start. Tech is always evolving, and I'm keen on seeing how OOH evolves with the digital space.
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    It's not just OOH advertising that is resurging. Getting attention online is increasingly becoming difficult, particularly for small businesses facing rapidly growing online advertising.

    Ironically, perhaps because technoolgy (ie online adblockers), annoying contextual intrusive ads, and of course "targeted" spam, people are becoming less responsive.

    Offline advertising and promotions in general seem to be getting less expensive and more effective. There is significantly less competition for meaningful facetime offline.
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    I find OOH advertising fails when there is just too much going on. Simplicity, like Apple's advertisements, is what really puts the icing on the cake.
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