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Hi Warriors,

I have a dog treat business which is a subscription. Each month we ship a box of dog treats and toys out. I've been using Facebook ads with success but I'm looking to get other ways to grow my subscribers.

I was thinking I could maybe add my offer on some kind of CPA network and offer affiliates the chance to get a fee for a sale. It would have to be a sale, not a lead.

I normally set up a coupon code for someone to advertise as an affiliate and that way I can see and track how many sales the affiliate is making and give them $xx.xx per sale he or she makes, will it work the same if I put an offer on a CPA network, or will I need some kind of special code setup? And if I have to do that how will I track sales from all individual affiliates?

I would also like to work with Influencers on Instagram but I find it very hard to reach out to them and get in touch with them to send them a FREE box along with a coupon code for them to use. If anyone would like to get in on the action and set something up for me I would also give YOU a fee for each sale an Influencer you get makes a sale. So not only would I give YOU a fee for each sale but I would also give the Influencer a fee for each sale. Maybe a huge opportunity for you?

But that is just another thing I wanted to add in. Please if you can give me some advice about how the CPA network would work and which one would be best for me that would be amazing.

Just so you know I'm from the UK and I'm only looking for UK traffic right now. So the CPA network would have to only send UK traffic.
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