How many blog articles should i publish on my site before applying for adsense?

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from what i understand traffic doesn't matter and it's just about the content on your site.
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    Originally Posted by Jmart24 View Post

    from what i understand traffic doesn't matter and it's just about the content on your site.
    traffic definitely matter, even your blog needs it
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    The end goal is always traffic. What's the point of adsense on website if there is no traffic and you do need to work actively and not just believe in some miracle to happen even if you post the high quality content.
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    I think a straight answer is ''As much as you can". It will help you create traffic and make adsense work for you.
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    Post as much as you can and hope for more traffic before applying for adsense. Traffic definitely matters when come to ads as more traffic you can generate the more the goals.
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    You have to have blog for few months first
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    The original poster started this thread on 3 June 2020 and has not responded since, so I wouldn't expect a reply.

    The takeaway is to always look at when an original poster started a discussion and if they reply, so you do not waste your time.

    When someone asks for advise about an Internet Marketing related topic and you do not have an Internet Marketing related business in your signature that is a red flag that means you probably do not know what you are talking about.
    In the minute it took me to write this post.. someone died of Covid 19. RIP.
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    Post at least one or two unique articles weekly and wait for about six months for good organic traffic to qualify for adsense.
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    Depends on quality. I watched a lot of Income School youtube channel and they frequently showcase their websites that have less than a dozen posts yet get over 10k unique visitors a month from which they make adsense money off of. So if you can create quality content, then even with a few posts you should be able to apply to Adsense and begin making money.
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    There's not a set number. You need to publish and publish and publish until you're getting some actual traffic. Then apply for Adense.

    Without traffic, there's no point anyway.
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    i have doing adsense for 2 years, From my real experience there arent a fixed number how ever it will depend on the quality and quantity of your articles. i have approved from 7 articles as well as I got disapproved although I had 20 articles. Good luck and write good and new content. CONTENT IS THE KING
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