Google will prohibit demographic and zip code targeting for housing, employment, and credit ads

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Google announced in their blog that they've updated their advertising policies, and summarised as follows
  • Employment, housing, and credit advertisers are no longer allowed to target or exclude their ads from being shown based on demographics (gender, age, marital status, zip code).
  • The updated policy will roll out to US and Canada users by the end of the year.
  • Affected advertisers will be notified in the coming weeks.
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    ok so what is next prohibit adverstiment too?
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    So google improves 'targeting', hen disallows some of the 'targeting'....

    I understand the 'credit' restriction but many employment and housing (if they mean 'real estate') are not 'exclusionary' but meant to target a certain area where the advertiser does business.

    Social media is all of a sudden becoming 'politically correct' and the arbiters of what is 'truth' - sounds like Google is following that lead?

    I do understand the POINT of doing this - not sure the result will be what was anticipated.
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    I believe google should rethink this. Everybody knows that those images are shown as an example for the client to have an idea. Real pictures are also provided upon the request and nobody is that fool to buy a property without actually seeing it.
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    Zips targeting is very vital option specially for the brands who serves very specific locations. If google is going to apply this update it system it will effect those brands.
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