Google UTM Integration To Facebook Audience Creation

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Hi guys,
I am new to digital marketing. I have been struggling with UTM tags for quite some time.
Can anyone here help me with this?

The situation background:
I am running ads on many platforms, Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Pinterest, Titok, etc.
As you all know that the traffic is way different on each of the platforms. A lot of the traffic is useless to my website as they aren't converting. (by the way, I am running ecom).
So I have to segment all this traffic by
Where is the traffic come from?
How are they performing?
Who has purchased from us?
What I want to do now is that gathering all the traffic, then retarget them on Facebook, and I want to create the LAA audience on Facebook based on the good traffic data from other traffic channels.
Now the question is:
How do I set up the UTM tags and how to integrate with Facebook?
How Facebook recognize the UTM tags?

Thanks a lot!
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