What is Your Top CPA Networks You Recommend For MLM / Affiliate Marketer Newbies / Biz Op People

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Hi everyone Merry Christmas...

My target audience are affiliate marketing newbies and network marketers and which top cpa networks can help me target affiliate marketers and network marketers

I am a newbie affiliate marketer and wish to use CPA networks to buy generate x number of new optin subscribers for the following my two offers

1) online marketing & attraction marketing training platform for the network marketing industry

2) a evergreen webinar promoting a done for you system for affiliate marketing newbies

What is your top recommended cpa networks for a newbie like me to start with

what should i expect from these affiliates who will drive traffic to my two offers

what will be their expectations from me as an advertiser, will i have to bid for traffic offers, will they want me to place a minimum order of 500 optins etcc,

will they want a deposit or upfront payment how does this work who guarantees the set # of leads i agree to purchase and when do i pay
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