Are CPI ads still worth it?

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Recently I've stopped paying for CPI ads and focused PURELY on CPC ads. I just found that Facebook and IG it's I can never guarantee the CPI ads to follow through with a high clickrate.

What are your thoughts? Are you still using CPI ads? What criteria do you use to determine if an ad should run on a CPI basis or a CPC basis?

Looking for input! Thanks!
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  • Are you trying to build an audience or work on a lead generation? Or are you asking the viewers to purchase something?
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    My experience so far with lead generation and a small purchase of $27, CPI just doesn't seem to cut it for either. Makes me wonder what I can legitimately use it for because it seems that I'm missing out!
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    I think alot has to do with the goal you want to achieve. Sometimes you might take on a loss upfront aquring customers only and gain more on the backend.

    You might want to split test to determine which formula works best
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    Depends on your website and goals in my opinion
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    I think CPI is a good one. But it usually depends on the goals of your website.
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    Learned a new term today.
    It will increase my skill and knowledge.
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