Looking for CPA Education (Teaching online/TEFL etc) offers + ideas for site in this niche

by rob34
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Hi all,

Been searching for a while. Can't access offervault anymore in UK or through alternative geographical ip. Maxbounty, neverblue, wolfstormmedia - old cpa networks I'd not been back to in a while all appear dead. Still awaiting a reply mth on from Peerfly - seems like a good fit.

Also have fb group in niche with 7k members which is fairly engaged. Posts generally get seen by about 1/7th.

Looking for email submit offers if they still exist in education + also ways on how to monetize fb group through these offers.

Aside from reviews, I'm lacking ingenuity on this front.

Tks, if you have any pointers.
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    Check some nutra or gambling offer
    Betting must be good in UK
    Anyway just ask your AM what is best offer
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    I was a TEFL teacher for a couple of years till Covid hit.

    If you have a lot of traffic then approach the major players and set up an advertising deal directly with them. It helps if you have a lot of traffic from a particular country.

    Also AdSense (and similar) will show people a lot of ads if it knows they want to TEFL.

    And note that this niche might be dead for now as most TEFL'ers can't travel or go to in person courses but it will probably come back very strongly as the world reopens.

    PM me too if you want to do something bigger in this niche as I am kicking some ideas around but it's not an easy niche (I tried blogging in it but failed to get any traffic at all). I'm a full time IM (mostly a coder) and looking for a new project.
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      Hi - apologies for late one - notification just came thru..

      Yes, traffic right now about 200 uv's a day thru search/fb, small.

      Trying various co's that have aff prgs. One which is raved about is Palfish although there is nowhere to check your stats, can only access on the app, and customer service missing. Never a bean.

      Swapped with preply and some movement. Otherwise aff prgs in this niche a risky biz i think - cowboy/bogus stats departments.

      Open to ideas.

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