Watch Will Ferrell hilariously bash Norway in this GM Super Bowl ad

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General Motors just released a new 60-second Super Bowl ad, showing a visibly upset Will Ferrell leaving his house to take on a mission to "crush those lugers", and then talks about GM's proprietary batteries.

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    Fun ad - and awesome looking SUV!

    On the fun superbowl ad topic - perennial favorite Ryan Reynolds punted TV in favor of .... a print ad this year. Unique choice to be sure

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    The problem with using a big name star is the temptation to mold the ad around them, rather than the product. I don't know which came first - the star or the script, but to this non American, the result looks more like an ad for Will Ferrell.

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      that's a good and fair read. I perhaps liked it because I miss will ferrell skits, and enjoyed him punching a globe for no reason But as far as intro'ing new technology/product, agree it likely missed the mark (and I wouldn't be surprised if post-ad recall for its messaging wasn't great.) Realize stars seem a prerequisite for SB ads, but imo GMC made better use of one (Lebron's voice) in their Hummer EV introduction ad a few months back (
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    More broadly: for fellow ad nerds, all this year's spots in one place:
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