Why Facebook can Shut down your Ad Campaigns

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Whenever you advertise on some's ad network, you need to play on their terms or follow their rules. However, you can do a couple of things to minimize your ads' rejection or account closure and massively increase your success rate.

View things from the ad network's perspective, and obviously, you need to read the terms of service carefully. Many ad networks like Google and Facebook do not allow you to promote things that pertain to making money online, and many people fall into this problem.

Think about it from the network's point of view: They are trying to stay out of trouble with the FTC or regulators. When someone new to Facebook advertising comes along with no advertising history and begins to advertise, they become cautious about what type of ads the newbie will promote. Whereas someone with a substantial advertising history, a significant social media presence, a page with lots of likes, done lots of advertising, have lots of friends, such a person can escape with a lot more than a brand new person to Facebook advertising. Be mindful of this.

If you are new to Facebook, you would need to build up your standing, massively helping with your advertising. Build a Facebook page to run your ads from that looks legit with a good header and lots of good content; memes, exciting quotes, or anything interesting.

Do not associate your page's name with anything on Facebook's band list. Example: Because they do not allow people to promote gambling products on their network, I will not name my page 'Gambling in the Caribbean.' Likewise, I will not name my page 'Generating Income from Home' because promoting things that pertain to making money online is on their banned list. You can call it something unanimous as it does not affect the advertising.

Thing number three is, you need to have lots of page likes, about 12000 of them. Facebook doesn't manage its website manually, of course, but they do it with software robots.
When the robot notices a new advertiser running an ad with a few keywords that seem to relate to things on the watch list, it cross-references to the Facebook page. It then notices the page is only a week old, got no header, has only ten likes and three posts, and this is like a big flashing red light that tells the robot to suspend all ads on this account.

What you need to do with an account like this is to get your page organized, but more importantly, you need to get more page likes. But how do you get page likes? They are easy to get with Facebook advertising.
Please be aware that having lots of page likes is worthless in the sense of organic reach. Page likes don't help your business in any way; the only thing it does for you is put your Facebook account in good standing so that the likes can come from anywhere.
To get page likes from internet marketers or people interested in working from home who live in England or America will be very expensive. Whereas, if you get them from people who live in China, Africa, India who are teenagers or know nothing about internet marketing, it's going to cost you about 1 to 2 cents per click.

So you can run a Facebook advertising campaign to get people to like our page. As long as you don't name your page, Internet Marketing, or Working from Home, or one of the banned things, they will approve it because you are promoting Facebook, and they like that.

What you do when you are doing a like campaign is to advertise only to people who live in third-world countries. It doesn't matter if they speak English or not; you want to get people to click on the like button, and when you do this, you can get a lot of likes relatively cheap.

So, this is what you do when setting up a Facebook like campaign: In the section where it says 'Edit location,' click on 'Worldwide' and then exclude all of the Tier 1 countries, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, and others; this helps a lot with your Facebook page.

The other thing to note is when you are running ads and doing split-testing, testing three different images or three different headlines, only publish one ad. The reason for this being: If something is wrong with your ad and it gets banned, you will not be having three ads banned at once; that will place your account in bad standing.
The better way is if you have three versions of a new ad that you are setting up, only submit one for approval; submit the others after the first one is approved.

Whenever Facebook disapproves of one of your ads, immediately run one that you are sure they will like and approve, which could be a likes campaign or an engagement post. An engagement post is simply advertising one of your posts of a dog or cat doing something funny or an inspirational quote or something of that sort and will work towards keeping your standing stable and help your account. You had an ad disapproved, and now you have one that is approved.

I trust that you find this information applicable and valuable. As I say, it's about playing the game and playing by the rules.
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