CPAs, CPMs, AOVs, ROAS... and the state of Facebook Ads

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I have a lot of clients and partners run ads on Facebook.

In the last 6 weeks...

It's been chaos.

Ad costs (CPAs/CPMs) are way too high, which makes ROAS plummet.

But I am finding one key way to get ad costs down.

And it just goes back to the social of what Facebook is...


Here's what I mean...

A lot of us biz owners run pure direct response ads.

Those ads might get a good CTR and conversation rate for a few days...

But they quickly fatigue, don't they?

Then... you have to take the ad down, re-upload it with fresh copy...

And end up having to watch your account like a hawk.

That's why is so important to get social engagement.

Because THAT'S what Facebook wants... happy comment, hearts, likes, shares... and engaging conversation.

A lot of us digital marketers forget what Facebook can really give us...

Social proof.

When you have highly engaging about what your product or service does...

You can get people talking.

Again, that's what Facebook wants for ITS USERS.

Positive, happy... entertaining... informative... and no sharp edges.

Even better...

You get to take screenshots of these conversations and use them IN your marketing... continuing the social experience off of Facebook.

When you do this right...

Getting 10+% conversions is normal.

It also helps keep your Facebook account score healthy...

Which is KEY to getting lower CPAs and more qualified traffic...

Leading to higher AOVs and ROAS.

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    Yes, you can walk on egg shells with one arm tied behind your back or you could simply use the GTO Marketing Strategy. Nothing beats it.
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    Likely some of the chaos you mentioned is due to apple changing their tracking from IDFA to SKAD which wreaked havoc on mobile advertising. That can have indirect/ripple effects across non-mobile and non-ios campaigns as well I believe.

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