Should we start with advertisers or publishers to create an ad platform?

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Hello Warriors,
I just finished creating my own advertising network to connect website owners looking to monetize their content with advertisers.
I just realized that there is a big problem (The classic Chicken or Egg) to create the effect of the network on my platform.
Should we start with the creation of the offer, that is to say the publisher sites who wish to monetize their content or by demand, the advertisers who want to buy traffic?
Before asking the question here, I looked for emails of other advertising platform founders and I asked the same question but they didn't answer me
So I came here to take your advice, I know that there are some people who have a lot of experience in this field and who may have worked in ad-tech companies.
If I succeed in my project I will share coupons with all members of the warrior forum
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    Hey there

    You can start as a reseller until you have enough publishers sign up.

    Not all networks have 100% fill rates but you will struggle to keep/attract publishers if the fill rates are too low.
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      Thank you Serene for your answer (I really appreciate your help).
      You are right there are several companies and agencies that use this method (Before creating my platform I was also a reseller but now I am looking to create a real advertising network ), so what I'm looking to know is how companies like Taboola, Outbrain, Criteo, Exoclick ... did to create the network effect and initially did they start by acquiring publishers or advertisers ?
      Thks again
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        I am an affiliate marketer, I currently hold
        multiple websites promoting offers as well
        as running affiliate ads on social media.

        The chicken and the egg is the OFFER.

        Without that you have nothing to drive
        traffic to.

        Also am wondering whether your goal is
        to make money or have a network because
        the market seems saturated with networks
        right now.
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          Thanks for your direct reply.
          My goal is to create an ad tech platform that offers an interactive ad format for advertisers.
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        Hey there

        You will need to aquire advertisers first, without enough advertisers your fill rate will be too low to attract any publishers.
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    I think the first thing you need to do is offer and publishers. When you will have at least something to offer then you can connect advertisers to your network
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