Testing my first CPA offer

by c3414
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I'm currently testing out my first CPA offer.

I'm using my own lading page (no email opt-in) and I'm using PPC as my traffic source.

My one ad has a CTR of 2.91%, I'm not sure if that's good but at least the ad is getting clicked.

I do have one question...

I currently have an affiliate disclaimer below my main affiliate link/banner. Could having this disclaimer in its current location hurt my CTR to the actual offer?

I was considering moving the disclaimer to the footer. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    I'm getting a high CTR to the offer from my landing page, so I guess the affiliate disclaimer is not having a negative impact.
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    Your disclaimer does not need to be in your visitors face,
    as long as you are in compliance with your offer's terms
    and conditions of the notice being somewhere on the
    home page, I would disclose that info in the footer.
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    I will suggest you to get some data and based on that information you will be able to find out either if it works for you or not. How many offers are you currently testing? is it one or more than one? If its one i will suggest you to test at least 5 offers with equal budget.
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    are you also tracking any other analytics ie source, how long on page, keyword used to search, avg time on page, avg exit page, etc etc. Always interested in what analytics software other than google analytics there are out there? Thanks, pat
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    You can't analyze only CTR... it's all about sales. Do people click on the offer?
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    I don't usually do the tracking, I am not used to that, As long as I get cheap traffic from Facebook targeting tier 2 countries with good sweepstakes offers.

    The only thing I do is keep testing offers, My last pin submit was great - Spend $200 on Facebook ads and get 800++, left it for a period of 30 days.
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      Targeting traffic from Facebook is a good idea. Carry on!
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