When/why did affiliate networks become so complicated??

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Ok, admittedly I haven't been very active here for awhile, but I am currently developing a mobile app in the crypto space and I believe the best way to get it out there fast in via a strong affiliate network. I has been next to impossible to get in touch with anyone.

Even here on WF, in the Affiliate Program Database, it is all people listing their programs, but none of the posts seem to be from any Affiliate Networks themselves.

I would be eternally grateful if anyone could give me some advice on how to find (and actually speak with) someone at an affiliate network about my app. In 2012-ish it seemed every other post was someone running or starting a network.

Thank you to anyone with some advice and in return I promise to be more active on the forums again!
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    I am on the same board. I run an EdTech and I am ready to pay big money, but affiliate do not seem to be interested. Most want upfront money just to create a post.

    I there anyone who has better experience than mine. Would like to know.
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      Thanks Vikas, you actually brought up something I forgot to mention. Back in 2012, affiliates worked by receiving a commission from the sale of every product they sold. Today, at least most of them, seem to want money upfront, rather than Cost Per Action (CPA). I have found a few that are still CPA, but as I mentioned, they dont even return phone calls.
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    Have you tried contacting big affiliate networks, such as MaxBounty, FlexOffers, etc.?
    They might be interested.
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    Too much competition and too many big boys. Affiliate marketing kinda died around the time of 2nd dot com boom, close to 10 years ago. Not literally, but less people were making a lot more money in comparison from today.
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