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ok I'm running a campaign, just yesterday, it make me around $200, on the worst day, it break even, so far, no loss here, so I know it work for me
the thing is: I make all of that from 1 ad only. I submitted a bunch, they only approve one and that one is actually good, I make a fair amount from it
So right now I already find my winning fomular, the next thing is scaling up. Just wondering, does FB allow one account to submit 50-100 ads with the same content? . I'm certain that my CTR and conversion rate are good enough and if FB throw in an equal amount of traffic to 50 ads just like the original one, basically, I can make 15-20k a month easily
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    Change the text, change the image, submit multiple ads.

    That is the easiest way to scale.
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    Yes there is ALWAYS a way to work around a rule without breaking any wink wink.

    if youve got a winning formula, youve got to literally pump some crazy time and effort to start scaling NOW NOT TOMORROW. Who knows how long the method/campaign/whatever will work

    Any more than 5 hours sleep tonight and I will be dissapointed haha

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    This might be a little off from what OP is asking...cuz this would be my own question: when doing a PPC in FB - do you have to direct link or do you have to link to your LP with your own domain and what not?


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    I find facebook weird, my campaign doesnt equally share impressions over all my ads, its really strange but dont know how to fix it . Also I cant even find how to create more then one campaign, its hidden. But back on topic, yep, get scaling.
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    holy crap, many of my ad CTR go up to 0.2-0.3 CTR, the record is 0.6, buying dirt cheap clicks from FB since it's high enough
    say, what can be consider a high CTR on FB?
    Only by helping your fellow businessman, you can finally achieve true success
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