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Is this done using a tool/software, specific script embedded on a page, or something else?

Can the gurus post some tips/advice on how to go about doing split testing on offers?

Thank you!
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    Use Google Website Optimizer its a crazy tool for split testing and tracking the results.
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    Originally Posted by Bujoi23 View Post

    Is this done using a tool/software, specific script embedded on a page, or something else?

    Can the gurus post some tips/advice on how to go about doing split testing on offers?

    Thank you!
    Depends on what part of your funnel you are split testing. If you're capturing emails and want to A/B test your auto-responder series, then some email services (such as aweber) will do email split testing. Otherwise you can do it manually by splitting out your email list into two groups and send each a different version. But be sure you know what your goal is (are you trying different subject lines to get better open rates? More call to actions in the body of the email to improve click-through rates?)

    Once you send the traffic to your target site(s), you can use a simple "rotater script" to test multiple offers to see which is converting better for you.

    If you're sending traffic directly to your site and want to test different page elements (red/black headlines, different copy, images, etc) then Google Website Optimizer is a good solution as it's robust, can do simply A/B and advanced multivariate testing,'s FREE
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    Yes Google Optimizer is a great resource. As for general tips I would say this...

    Start broad and then narrow down as you continue to test. By this I mean you want to start by split testing two completely different approaches. You will likely be able to see the differences pretty easily. Then pick a winner.

    Next take that winner and change up something major and split test. Then split test something a little less major and less and less and eventually you will be testing very little differences.

    I feel like I didnt explain that well, but essentially you want to start broad in your split testing and then get narrow.

    good luck
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      Im wondering if you might be looking for a more basic answer.

      Split testing is merely choosing two variables and seeing which one works better. You can split test your ads by making up two (or more) of them. Both Google and Yahoo will rotate them evenly for a while until they see one performing better than the other. Then they will direct the bulk of the traffic to the one that performs better. Then you can make up a different ad and test it and see if it works better.

      You have to think in mathematical terms. I have one ad that gets only .08 CTR rate and another ad gets .12 ctr. The numbers seem very small and inconsequential. On one ad I get 8% (8 out of 100) and the other is 12% (12 out of 100). Thats a 50% increase. If my ad gets 100,000 exposures, thats an extra 4000 clicks. If I hadn't split test the ads, I might be missing 4000 clicks per month.

      You can split test anything, your ads, your landing pages and even your offers. Just keep testing until you find the right combination that makes you money.

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    Depends on what you're split testing offers, emails, color of buttons, headlines. Got to give us more info. There's about a million things you can split test. The most important in the CPA world is:

    a. Offers
    b. Head Line
    c. Images

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