Tips on getting approved by CPA sites please

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Can anyone give some insight on getting approved by CPA networks?

Following another Warrior's directions I set up a website specifically geared to CPA marketing, answered all their questions truthfully and wasn't hesitant when they phone interviewed me.

From their attitude it was obvious that they were not happy because I wasn't bringing CPA experience to the table, which makes it a no-win situation.

Surely it will backfire if I simply lie to them!

Your advice would be appreciated.

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    I have never seen it as a big problem to get approved.

    You answer the usual questions, like what kind of traffic you generate, PPC/Adwords, Banners, SEO etc.. whether you have experience with affiliate marketing and CPA..list whatever program you are already in.

    I think the main reason they call and ask is to weed out those "black sheep" using BH techniques....and if you are a honest marketer with some experience you shouldn't need to worry., IMHO.
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      I hear you GeorgeR. What you are saying is how I thought it would be. As I said, I set up a personal website specific to CPA marketing, placed heavy emphasis upon my prior affiliate marketing, was fluent in my phone interviews ... BUT .. was turned down ....
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        I got turned down by couple too but its no big deal, there are lots of them out there.

        I was approved through Maxbounty and Neverblue. The reps were very helpful. CJ used to accept about anyone without a call.

        I think I might tell them you have about $1000 budgeted to get started then turn it around and ask them what the best programs are. This is an old sales trick. People love to hear the sound of their own voice. Most people like to brag about themselves. If you start asking them questions about the programs, the best way to convert etc they will most likely answer your questions. The next phase is to compliment them on their knowledge and ask them how long they have been at this? Have they ever done CPA marketing themselves on a publisher level? What steps would they recommend you take to get the fastest start.

        I also told them I had adsense and seo background and wasn't satisfied with the payouts so I was stepping up to CPA.

        Its like any other job interview. Put yourself in their place. What would you want to know if you were in their spot? They are probably rated on how much income their publishers contribute.

        I did ask one rep about the opt out feature that google now requires for free trials. She ran so fast from that question that I think she figured I must know what I am talking about. LOL.

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      Be sure not to apply to a CPA offer with an email address that has something like luciferrising66669

      Get a legit email address like david

      Also somebody suggested to me to get an 800 number too. You can get one for about $8-$15 a month...
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        Originally Posted by davidjames42973 View Post

        Be sure not to apply to a CPA offer with an email address that has something like luciferrising66669

        Get a legit email address like david

        Also somebody suggested to me to get an 800 number too. You can get one for about $8-$15 a month...
        I applied with a gmail account and got accepted. The fact is, gmail is great for a business, specially a small one. I see gmail is perfectly fine for signing up since google have a great service.
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    Hi Anne, there are networks that are easier to get into. Also, sometimes, it just takes talking to the person that is not having a bad day.

    CommissionJunction is an automatic approval. I would also try Neverblue.

    Good luck.
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    Hi Annie,

    Even if you don't have CPA experience, it helps to tell them that you've been into CPA marketing for a while. There are times they turn you down if your website is not up to the mark too. In such cases, it's better not to have a website.

    You can always tell them (confidently) that you don't have a website but you use PPC to send traffic to CPA offers and that you're willing to create websites around the offers if needed.

    Hope that helps!

    I believe in taking the time to do something right, the first time. Need Content? Get in touch.

    WSO: Insane CPA Cash Flow - KILLER CPA techniques.
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    -Make sure you first apply to a small network to see how the process is then move on to the big networks
    -Have a site with the proper whois info ready as they verify to see if your the owner
    -Be ready to explain how you generate traffic
    -What niches you've had success with
    -What offers are you currently running
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    i think rajuthan says it best. If you are new to CPA join small networks first to see how things work and what offers are available. I would suggest Blue Phoenix & vCommission, both good networks with a variety of programs to choose from. Approval is 99% guaranteed as they are trying to build their affiliate base.
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      CALL THEM!

      Call right after you submit your application.

      Then simply say...Hey this is Annie, I just submitted a publisher app and would like to get this fast tracked so I can run some offers asap.

      Then just answer the questions...also, don't just answer questions...ask them.

      Ask questions like:
      -What type of traffic on the majority of your publishers using?
      -What monthly revenue levels are your top affiliates hitting?
      -Do you guys allow contextual?

      Whatever you do, don't sound like a newb. That's key. They want people who are going to generate revenue...Period. Sound like that person, then be that person.

      Hope that Helps Annie, Good Luck to you.
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    Hi Annie,

    To be brutally honest with you, CPA networks in general are NOT interested in beginners. Of course, everyone has to start somewhere, but even if it's your first day on the Internet you don't wanna give these people that impression. Typically you need a website, and they like to hear that you're getting 5000 hits/mo at the very least. They're not going to ask for proof, so even if your stats are more like 500/mo it's ok to say 5000.

    Tell them about any affiliate marketing experience you have. Pretty much everybody knows about Clickbank, and kudos if you say you market physical products (eBay, Amazon, etc) One of their favorite traffic sources is PPC - they're going to know typical campaigns, how much you typically spend, etc. I like to say I used to do Adwords but switched to Adbrite because it's way more cost-effective (it's true).

    You can stretch the truth a little, so long as it's not outlandish. If it's a question of ethics, though... well, I can't really help you there.

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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