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Found a couple things that may help someone.

This website sorts through all the networks. If you are looking for a specific offer, it will tell you who offers it.

Find Affiliate Offers: Find and Compare Affiliate Offers

Ever wanted to do those corner page turndowns? Here is a free program. I had no trouble setting it up. It requires two jpgs. one is 500x500 and the other is 100x100. The easiest way to use the program is to load all the components to your main folder. Overwrite the 2 images with your own. Worked first time for me.

» Pageear - free peel away ad Flash & Actionscript Developer » » Blog Archiv

Have fun!
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    another one like is
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    2 great tools, I don't know if its my eyes which are bad but findaffiliateoffers is really hard to read
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    Thank you bro for these tools.
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    Thanks for sharing. Always great to add new tools and sites to my arsenal.

    appreciate it
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