My 1st Payment from ;- )

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Hey Warriors

I just wanted to share my success with

I added their Content Unlocker widget to my music site, and 2 weeks later, I got my 1st payment.

Before I proceed, I would like to thank fellow warrior dropship ( for his WSO, which really helped me!

- Please note, I actually made over $925.00 but I opted for their EARLY payment option. As a result, they take 15%.

- They sent my payment 20 minutes AFTER i put in my request!

- Needless to say, I really needed the money!

- I'm really impressed with this companies interface and procedures. Everything seems really well thought out. Most important, they respond to feedback from their members. Hopefully, they will stay this way!

Nevertheless, I'm really impressed thus far.


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  • Very impressive I am yet to get my first cpa check Right now got a campaign going which isnt going so well. What sort of offers did you do and I must look at what ever content unlocker is
  • Congratulations, and thanks for the share! It is just what I am looking for to complete one of my recent ventures.

    Feel free to PM an aff link if you have one!
  • Hey congrats man, thats rally good 900 in two weeks, especially for ur first check, keep pluggin away, tweak and get money!
  • There is no better feeling then getting your first commission check. I think my first check was from clickbank for like $300 and I was ecstatic haha.

    Anywho, congrats man and keep doing what your doing...or better yet, do more of it.
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    • Congrats that sounds great - I wish I could earn that much ! I didn't know about CPA lead until I read your post.
  • wow that's so cool. I actually wanna sign up with cpalead once I have my site up and running. - is it difficult to get in?

    Congrats on the payment. great stuff.
  • This and BHCB are very cool ways to make some $$$ online... I think Im going to build a BHCB site tomorrow now lol
  • Congratulations.. I'll check and what's it all about..
  • I always knew that 'CPALead' is the best way to make money online. When I first started promoting clickbank products I've heard about CPA networks but never took the time to try it. Looks like I'm going to try it now.
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    • First pay check woo hoo !!!
      I still remember that day, and it's really hard to forget.
  • keep this doing repeated to have more such similar screen shots

    All the Best!!
  • im with cpa lead and again the person that clicks link gets taken on a wild ride, i just dont understand how people are making money with any email offers, can someone explain?
  • Congrats.Keep it up
  • Congrats on your success.

    Could you share on the kind of traffic your site had before implementing the widget and/or the traffic generating techniques you used.

    Thank You
  • Congrats to your success!

    I can imagine that you already had a steady amount of traffic coming in and now you are capitalizing on it even more.

    Great Job!

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    • WOW, i forgot all about cpalead. Just logged into my account there and wow, alot of changes. They have a whole new system. Congrats on your success. I guess i earned a whole $100 lol back when they first opened up.
  • HEY MAN, any website that helps is appreciated, but really now - blatant affiliate link promotion is tacky. SOMEBODY didn't read the forum rules.

    Because that post is likely to get deleted, the site is AdscendMedia, which is a good site. No affiliate link, I won't be endorsed for providing it to you


    To the OP, congratulations, scale your efforts and keep 'em coming
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  • Wow Congrats buddy
  • tdotbaby,

    I was wondering,was easy to get accepted into as i've been turned down by a couple so far.


  • Great,.. I have got total 7 payments from cpalead. Its doing fine for me..

    Congratulations and Go Ahead with your journey in making the top bucks.

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    Congrats buddy. I think they have high cpm rates. Thanks for sharing. Many newbie gets inspiration by readin these kind of articles.
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    This post really inspired me! Thanks a lot! Keep them coming
  • I have a CPALead account but have not yet figured out a way for me to make a go of it.

    Very powerful system and it looks like they encourage certain types of insentives to unlock content.

    Great post and congrats.
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    • I know most people using CPALead use incentive based content to make money. Using their content unlocker, people offer anything from movie streams to music, but the catch is they have to "unlock it" by filling out a survey from CPALead.

      Of course if you had a content website (like movies) I'd suggest pulling it off other sites, and put in a disclaimer so you don't run into any copyright issues.
  • Thanks for all the kind words...
    - Will definitely scale this...
  • Congrats and many more
  • pretty nice, keep up the good work, beside CPA lead, you may want to try other network with content gateway to see
  • please share info, I am newbie
  • Congratulations buddy. Hope you make more out of it. And do share your experience with us.
  • todotbaby, very interested in how you are getting traffic as I got this same WSO but did not start it yet because one, I have a lot on my plate, and another, I did not come up with a plan for sure on how to drive traffic.

    Care to explain how you did it? How are you driving traffic? You can send me a PM if you want. You do not have to be too specific even if you just put it here, but I'd like an idea. I'd like to see your site, too, but of course I would not expect you to reveal that as I probably would not.


    Also, I think that's BS about the 15% early withdrawal. No way I would do that, that's way too high a fee. I would just wait for the money.
  • it´s very impressive. How did you do that ?
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    • Thanks for this. I just joined. I am going to add this to all of my websites. Can you hit these with Pop ups? Like force them to do it? I hate those websites but I know everyone that I have seen at my job fill them out.

  • Ya, it's a content unlocker system, and it's kind of like a popup in that you can't get to the info on the page unless you fill out the offer.

    Anyway, still curious tdotbaby on how you are driving traffic to those kind of offers.
  • Well done, made me almost LOL when I noticed you moved the cash into your bank account pretty darn quick!.
  • Yup, didn't waste even a second....LOL.....
  • I have the code for my blog on CPALead, but I do not know where the code goes on the blog! Any help would be appreciated!
  • Well done and much continued success!
  • Congrats Bro!
  • I would suggest you link-out to a regular html page. You would simply insert the code anywhere in the head tag.
  • Was it difficult to get accepted to CPALead - is there anything there looking for

  • hi. where is traffic you use
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    • Congratulations Mate !!

      Keep Rocking
    • Good luck getting an answer to that one. I asked him twice and no answer. Probably, though, can be anything. Organic traffic from article marketing, SEO, or by paying for traffic.
  • Excellent share,

    Well done man
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    • I really enjoy people who succeed in life, and I'm wishing you all the best, take care, and thanks for sharing your story.
  • Nice job. I love networks that pay via Paypal.
  • Wow!!!
    really inspired me and lit the fire again!
  • is it easy to get accepted?
  • Getting accepted was easy for me. I suggest setting up some sort of video site, and explaining how you intend to drive traffic....
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    • Hey this is all very inspirational...... now a chicken/egg you look for offers(hi pay offers!) then build a site -or- build a site in a certain niche that find offers?
    • I just gave it a try, will see... Will keep you all updated, but this is really promising. By the way, do they only do surveys?
    • I think you get autoaccepted now.
      Aloso Congratulations on the earnings, I'll have to check this
    • hi!!
      wow! congrats and best of luck 4 future assignments
    • Congratulations! Love the success stories
    • Awesome!

      Can't wait to have the opportunity to share my earnings
  • Great job. I had been promoting some streaming TV show sites but it has pretty much dried up for me. I guess I need to find a new
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    • CPA lead is great way to make money and I give your props, just hope you're using a white hat method.

      Lots of these watch movies sites are all black hat I hope you know.
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  • Contraz !
    I still remember when I got my 1st pay check

  • It's nice when things first start coming together hey? What a great feeling!

    Okay now, since I'm new to the forum [but not I.M] I took a peek into most posts here & on the other threads about Cpa marketing. What is evident is that of people want to get in on the Cpa craze but find it difficult to make things happen?

    So my question is this: I have been thinking (mostly because a buddy of mine dared me) of creating a product focused on just one particular method to do Cpa marketing.

    PPC - pay per click --> through adwords; yahoo or msn bing.
    I don't want to give to much away here but what I want to know is this.

    Would you guy's like a course that produces results & shows you:

    • How you don't have to worry about writing ads, create landing pages, quality score irritations, banning of your Adwords accounts & all the other stuff that come with PPC marketing. NOT PPV!
    • How NOT to spend a fortune on PPC untill your profitable & want scale things up
    • Do PPC without Campaigns or Ad Groups or Keywords [Yeah! Without any kw research at all. No kw's; No Match type worries; No dynamic text hassles]
    • Without writing "Killer Ad Copy" so that you don't fail.
    • No content Network
    • How to do Advanced Tracking of your offers for FREE
    • How to get accepted at the networks the easy way

    Because of the above mentioned you can "direct link" to any offer without ANY penalties.

    There is a lot to cover but I don't want to write a damn sales letter here!

    Then let me know what you guys think! Should I do it?


  • Congrats. Is that your November payment from them?
  • Yes, the last 2 weeks in November...
  • The content unlocking method is a unique method. It uses incentivized offers form the get go, usually email or form submits. It's based around offering free content that a lot of users on the internet want access to, such as TV shows, etc.
  • I am using cpa lead too in my video site, but I think most of the offers that convert well are paying quite low.
  • Good job...I haven't used CPALEAD much but worth a try!
  • great man, awesome. newb here though, what does WSO mean?
  • Does the survey pop up when they first get to your site?
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    • Congratulations on your success!
    • You decide when the pop up/content blocker comes up when your designing your widget for example 5 seconds or when ever you choose.

      There is a Wordpress CPALead plugin that lets you customise exactly where on your site that it pops up.

      I think the key to it is, giving people a sneek peak at some really good content just before it pops up, however thats not to say that you actually have to host that content on your site . You can source the content then link them to it but initially make it look like its on your site.

      Dave d
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  • Oh dam real baller here
  • anyone try it is really worth for purchasing?
  • Nice job and keep it up!
  • Congrates mate, it's very nice. I love CPALead and the chances they are offering, like getting paid earlier.

    Do you have only a music site?
  • Motivating , i am creating 6 sites and i am SEOing them. Let see how it goes
  • Congrats!
    I'm interested in going the CPALead route (just got accepted) but for the life of me I can't figure out how to get traffic to my site. The age old problem *sigh*
    O well, I'll just have to go by trial and error... if any of you successful guys would drop a few hints about traffic generation, 'twud be much appreciated! Of course, I can understand why you might not want to do that.
  • Dude I'm pumped you made money! Keep it up bro, much more to come .
  • Congrat with your 1st CPAlead payment.That was inspired me to work hard for CPA
  • Congrats! You have done a great job.

    I have spent few thousands last year and yet to make $100. I hope to make it soon.

  • Congratulations...

    Keep up the good work, the first check is the most difficult, then it's easy!
  • Gratz I wonder if how we can earn some money though CPA LEAD? It seems better than adsense when it comes to earning
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    • How many visitors do you get per day? Been looking for this for my movie site..
  • Congratulations! That first check is the hardest to earn. It should be "smooth sailing" from here on... Great job!
  • This sounds very good and that is a nice amount of money for 2 weeks,can i ask a couple of questions is it easy to open an account with them and what i am looking on doing is adding the link if you can call it that to my download page on my Filehosting site on the free download facilty the download has a 30 second delay anyway which shows adsense and adbrite adverts but that does not mean that they will click the adverts but as i see it this CPA means that they have to click so that they can then download is that correct.

    Sorry i dont mean to hijack the thread but i feel this could be the way to earn extra revenue especially when you can earn a extra $900 a month or maybe more.
  • Congrats and keep up the good work. I have just started with them. And yes I use a blog.Just go to your html and place the script.

  • Congrats Mate... Great Job Indeed.
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  • Congrats buddy...I would like to share my joy also..i just earned 600$ in CPALead and waiting for payment..this is my first earning in CPA..this website is really good...

  • Congrats, the first payments are the best
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    • Can you tell me which WSO this was from dropship, please as he has had a few?
  • The CpaLead is a great way to earn money , if you put some effort into it.
    It s not just enough to put a website a widget.. and thats it.
    There are so many ways out there that you could earn with CpaLead.. endless..
    Anyway you should try to think outside the box a bit, try to be different.
    Also a big mistake that people make and lose a lot of visitors, is that they set the widget to pop up immediatly after the visitor gets on your page.
    That s a big turn off!
    Set it with a few seconds on delay. 10 -20... at least.
    This way you will tease him with your content a bit, and then in order to get more, it will have to complete the survey/trial..etc
    of course this doesn t apply to those who have faked content
    try to customize the gateway a bit according to your website
    Also try to do as much promotion as you can.. and keep adding fresh info to your website
    And you will see that in very litle time you woill earn at least 40 -100$ per day only from this network, and then you will also come and show us your earnings
    Just my 2 cents
  • AWWW YEAH! Keep it up... That's the hard part, but I'm sure you have it under control!
  • thanks guys...setting up a WSO...should be done this week...
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    • Gee, that's shocking...
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  • Wow, Nice to see that you have earned good money with Congrats. My account has got approved before one day only and i am ready with my site to start promoting it. Hope i will have the same day like you soon.
  • Congrats on your payday man that's great news. I am also a member of cpa lead. I made my first $ there well $1.38 so far yeeehaa happy dance.

    I have a question though could you tell me how to put the widget script on a wordpress self hosted blog? For the life of me i have played around in my dashboard and can't figure it out also searched for a cpalead plugin and that doesn't seem to work?
    Maybe a link to a youtube video or somewthing from someone please.

    How did i make my first $ you may ask?
    As i have been accepted my tv/movie site had been getting visitors but i can't capitalise on this as i dont have the gateway script there as of yet........

    So i built myself a free blog blogger style. Put similar content on it. Had no problems adding the code to the html over certain post's. saved the additon then opened the page up to check if it worked and 'Tadahh' gateway script pops up offering the vistor a few surveys. They must complete one if they want access to the content on the page.
    So far i have had 3 takers - they fill out a general survey "which twilight character are you" and such, once done your page unlocks and they have access.

    Final words please someone show me how to put the script on my WP blog.(video preferred) I see that it must be after <head tags> and before</head> but how and where is this.???

    Good luck all and get onto this..
  • Congrats man!
  • Good ideas and lots of encouragement.

    Congrats man!
  • Great job! Keep up the good work.
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  • Is his WSO about how to maximise revenue with ?

    Which WSO is it, he has 4 at least.
  • Ok, I've heard of the CPAlead before, but this thread made me go sign up with them.
    Great place --- still getting familiar with it, but gotta say-- they really seem to rock!

  • is it difficult go get accepted at cpalead? I got accepted at cj,linkshare and shareasale. can you suggest other site that pays well?
  • I got instantly accepted after the web application screened me. So it is not difficult I would say.
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  • Congratulation Man! Am happy for you. In fact ll'l check on the company profile. But please let me know if they accept internationals. Once again HURRAY 2 U
  • The are very fast in approvals (got mine in 10minutes)
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  • finally got the earnings, thanks to your post, i got the inspired action
  • very good job!
  • Thank you for your info, I am going to apply for CPAlead.
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    • I am waiting for my CPAlead check at the end of this month (FEB). I just started and I am averaging $12/day just experimenting with stuff. I love it. Now to scale it up...!!!
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  • who can do JV with CPAL**D? i can provide account.
  • I also got my First Payment after working with them only one site , one niche and i made total of $800 and my first DEC 09 Pay was $278

    Great Company and Great support ,the good think you do not need to worry about what kind of offer you should keep at your Gateway , since it works Automatically based on the country and city the visitor are from
  • good job now do it 10 times more, and make the big dough,,,
  • Congratulations . You inspire us all! I will give a look at the WSO you mention.
  • WOW ! Seems like a good thing to try out. Thanks for the sharing...

    Did you try all of these on your own? Or you were having someone else teaching you how to do all of these?

    Is this newbie friendly?
  • is a well-known cpa network... I´m consistenly making good income there
  • Good work just keep them rolling in now.
  • Congratulations!
    I only started work with CPA.
  • Congratulations man and go on like this...
  • I just signed up with CPALead too. Never heard about them until today even though I've been researching CPA for some time.

    Does anyone know whether there are specific WSOs here that deal with CPALead?

    Thanks and regards,
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  • thats nice money..which wso u were talking about?
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    • I'm leary over cpalead. I have gone on the site 3 times in the last week or so. To get familiar with the survey offers and such. I find many errors or closed offers or wrong links not matching offer. I wrote to them about 3 different offers going to a Dr. Suess book offer. Yes, they responded pretty quick and asked which sites to correct. It's been quite few days and nothing has been fixed. They don't seem to update the site much.

      Is this the norm for cpalead? I'm not having too much luck in finding an offer that I could set up a campaign for. You do not know when the offer will be closed.

      Another question, it's best to match an offer with the niche your site. Can you effectively have an offer that does not match your niche? Like the
      one, which simpson character are you? Would an offer like this only do well
      on tv show site?

      Oh and congrats on your success !!
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  • Thanks for that. I have not made a peeny yet but it is encouraging to hear when someone does and especially the first check.
  • hey, congrats to OP. Hope u can leverage ur potential and make the best out of it. Why after we make a few bucks, we are goin to go for WSO?

    Im new...
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  • Great work.............
    congratz man......

    keep up the good work
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  • I recently added CPALeads to one of my websites about 10 days back and i have to say after a slow start it has been increasing rapidly revenue wise so i am adding it to a few more sites during the week,i was initially sceptical but i am glad i stuck at it.
  • Congrats.
    I have this MOVIES WEBSITE which was set up to take advantage of CPALead offers in UK. For some reason it isn't working for me.
    I'm sure I am missing it somewhere. Any suggestions would help.

    I am missing something on how to apply the widgets because clicks on my video links don't lead to my CPALead surveys.
  • Hey thanks for sharing this information . It motivated me to sign up for, now I just need to see whether I get accepted.
  • Congrats bro?

    I just applied to today and I was accepted right away but when I install it the widget to my blogger blog not even an hour ago my blog was removed by google or and I was trying to get contact about what happen because they said on the email that I have violation or SPAM their their network. I was trying to resolved this it was just happen a couple hours ago. I have a blog that has almost 10 years now and 100 post to my blogger and it just gone without a warning. When I read the rules about it, their is a violation for installing a widget especially a pop up program.
    My guess was my CPALead that I was install to my blog. Hopefully, they will restore back my blog and give me another chance....

  • I think that CpaLead is scam?
    I have start using Cpalead for couple days and generate ~15$.
    Now i got message:
    I try to contact them but they don't respond.
    Can you recoment some other sites link CPAlead
  • well just got accepted by cpalead,congrat on yr success on the first move,pls what do you think i can do to get started now?
  • congrats man.. What type of daily traffic did your site have when you started?
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    • Hey congrats!! I'm just getting started with some of these ideas, so it's nice to see something inspirational! Thanks!
  • CPALead is slowly turning into Myspace kind of crap and spam. There are better conversions for me with custom Gateway script with hand chosen incentive offers.
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    • Well, I gave them a try but the offers are not my piece of cake, didn't really fit my profile. And to be honest I am not too passionate about setting up a fan or movie page if you run other offers, without the gateway, you find the same offers on other networks that pay more.

      By the way: I am not saying it is crap or not a good program. Many people make a good living there, but not my kind of stuff.

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