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I don't mean to sound dumb as an IM but what is CPA in this business and how does it work?
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    CPA - stands for cost per action - the amount of money given to affiliates who are able to get certain information or force an "action" from people

    a lot of times CPA companies will give you $1 each time you can get someone to submit their email address at a certain page

    Dailyseo.net - it's almost here :)

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    Its what farmville and other FB games have been using to make $$$$$$
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    I'm sorry, I'm still confused. So is this something you can make money with or is this another way of marketing your site?
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    you can make money with it susanna, your promoting different companies who are paying you for leads, either emails/ zip codes / or more, you get paid everytime someone submits there information
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    cpa stands for cost per action. you get paid a certain amount for every offer that gets completed on your site by the visitor for things such as diet pills, teeth whitening, etc.
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    Suzanne/Cecille and anyone who's new to CPAs, you may want to check this thread:

    Spend a day or 2 immersing yourselves in that thread and in the CPA forum, digging old posts and before long, you'd be ready to go as well on a sweet ride.

    Welcome to the ubber lucrative world of CPAs.

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