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My goal for this thread is for people to share their first successful method they used when they were first starting out in CPA to help give newbies some ideas. The more specific the better and again, the goal is to help newbies start to THINK like a cpa marketer so they can come up with their own ways to earn money.

I will start...

This is one of my first methods that blew up on me.

1. Find a targeted niche. CL, gossip sites, youtube, blogs whatever, as long as its very passionate niche like Manchester United soccer fans.

2. Find a great related DVD to that niche on Netflix. (Manchester United highlights)

3. Go to your traffic and tell people they HAVE TO check out this video. Dont seem like you are selling here...make sure your language makes it seem like you have NOTHING to gain, you are just letting them know.

4. Send them to some sort of landing page with your netflix offer on it and tell them thats how you got the free trial to see the Manchester United video 100% free and you can probably get the free trial elsewhere but thats where you got it. Almost everybody will go to your site thats interested, trust me, and this sounds more legit.

BAM, thats it. Its Very simple but still works to this day like a charm. Its a great value high payout offer and I love netflix for myself so I love promoting it

One post in a good forum can literally make you $1000. Netflix normally does $25 per free trial. This can be done 100% whitehat and like I said its very simple and you can make a few $1000s each week with it if you can find that good targeted traffic niche and a good video in that niche.

Now newbies, get your thinking caps on and put it to work. Speak with your AMs about the netflix offer. My AM gives me some flexibility with how I use it but just make sure you are playing by the rules and then get cranking!

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    You are worming your way into my heart

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    Great post..It will help newbies like me..
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    Hey , thanks that is really great technique . You always provide some great quality tips , dude .
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    Thank you for starting the thread.. I always like reading worthy to read posts to widen my IM perspective and learning.
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    Hi Everybody. I am heading on vacation starting tonight so I will try and pop in and answer as many questions as I can before I leave.

    JOSEFA: Yes, this can still work and I've used it many of times recently. Once you find a traffic niche then BAM, just blast off a message to them. Again, focus on the message and the intent is for the people to check out this great video completely free. Make sure your language isnt selling them, its about lettng them know of a good value source.

    CHEAPESTSEO: Do you have a list associated with that site? Do you have a way of reaching your visitors? My guess is that the answer is yes, thats the first check. Second, is there a good dvd related to the stone niche. Honestly I have no idea but I presume there may be. If so, then yes this method will work fine.

    Again guys, the important thing I attempted to convey is the way of thinking, the idea, the thought process. Use this exact method or come up with your own. The important thing is understanding the process of using a little creativity to monetize an offer.

    And the best part about this is that it is high payout as roughly $25 per lead for a rebill that is 100% legit and a great service!

    best of luck
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      Hey, sounds like a great technique. Learn from the people that are producing results. I'm always trying to dream up that special technique, but better learn from what you have shown that works. Thanks for you insight Kenster.

      I'm here to help!!!

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        Originally Posted by satamata View Post

        there are definitely lots of...... but, the problem with the Newbies is, once they start to be familiar with newer ones every other day, they get confused ..... and that gets larger and larger as the time passes ...... what's the solution then?

        All the best ......

        this is absolutely true... Actually is my biggest problem... and I think is the main reason i´m not earning money online.

        Please read the sig file rules

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          Great thread Kenster.
          So far since starting I've made some good money. The best advice I can give to people is to try and reverse engineer your competitors campaigns (don't outright steal them though).

          For instance, check out the main traffic sources to the offer Landing Pages and those are probably the biggest affiliates in the market. Find their traffic sources and LP's, and try to come up with YOUR OWN similar traffic sources and LP's.
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    It took me a while to catch on to what you were explaining, but after I re-read it, let me tell you I like the way you think. Kudos for the great idea! Unfortunately, as I am not in the US, becoming a Netflix affiliate isn't that easy. Thanks again, anymore ideas like this and I am all ears.
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      Originally Posted by kcom View Post

      It took me a while to catch on to what you were explaining, but after I re-read it, let me tell you I like the way you think. Kudos for the great idea! Unfortunately, as I am not in the US, becoming a Netflix affiliate isn't that easy. Thanks again, anymore ideas like this and I am all ears.
      I am from Ontario. How would this work in Canada? Or would it work?
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  • What is "whitehat"?

    FREE DVD Valued @ $127 will be GIVEN away for just one simple question.

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