How do you personally choose your CPA offers?

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I had a few people ask how I chose the offers. For me personally, it's obviously the EPC. Lately I haven't seen high EPC offers except for Clickbooth.

Anyone care to share their insight. Has anyone promoted a low EPC type offer but still got it to convert better?
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    i look for the ones i could see myself filling out. the ones that look legit. and then test them
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    I have noticed that you can find lower EPCs do better than higher ones sometimes. When EPCs are calculated all traffic sources are taken into account. So promoting one product with one traffic method can produce different results if you are using an alternate method.

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    I usually go with what pays well, and what converts well. I wont go with an offer that pays $1000 if it wont convert.

    Sean. T
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    I start with keyword research in niches that I am interested in. Then I look for an offer that will convert in that niche; preferably a keyword that matches an offer that has high search traffic and low competition among advertisers.
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    I don't pay attention to EPC at all. I match my offer to the demographic I am targeting. And then I test each one extensively.

    You will never get anywhere pitching an offer to the wrong audience. You must also maintain contact with your target demographic on a consistent but non-annoying basis.

    It's all very simple when you know how to do it!
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