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Hello Everyone Wanted to tell a quick story to you my story and so you can learn from me. At 16 years old in high school working 20 hours a week i started Iming with adsense and a local guitar store.. By the time i was 18 years old i was making close to 3k a month in profit and was finishing up high school... picture perfect right start scaling and live the imer lifestyle...RIGHT??? WRONG the economy struck my parent hard. They owned a few Programs in IL and were making over 75000 dollars a year each... "living the american dream" when that happened they both lost there jobs and with there experiance could not find a new one to replace there old life style. with a 400k house 3 cars including mine to pay for they couldnt do it... when they were about to lose there house i sold everything i had to pay over 150k between the house the cars and some medical stuff.... 18 year old kid went from doing ok to flat broke. After a few years of college and my parents about to lose everything again im starting back at internet marketing.

A few months ago i had surgery and could not attent college so took a Little time off.... angry and confused on what to do with my life now i turned back to Iming.. my lost love.

Going from no money in the bank and 60 Dollars in my adwords account, "lucky" I Did The Research, Took the time to track, and Altered a few design flaws.... Today about 1 months ish from the surgery i am spending about 10 dollars a day on adwords and pulling in roughtly 90 dollars.... no im not rich... no im not a guru.... im a broke kid who is proving that ANYONE CAN DO IT!!!! In under a month im back to making more money then 98% of people who fail because i took the time to do RESEARCH, TRACK, REVISE,

Dont sit around and dream like i use to... dont come up with 10000000 ideas but never do any of them.....TAKE ACTION, SET GOALS, and YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!!!!

By the end of the month i want to be at 100 dollar profit, by the end of next month 150 a day, and so on.... I Hope You Guys Enjoyed My Life Story!
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    BAHAHA i almost forgot to post the last part..... I am making this profit off of a simple product from clickbank... the most unlikely of places.... clickbank is not dead... you just have to know what to sell and what not to... ok now ill get off my soap box
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      Keep going kidos!!
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        I was reborn yesterday when I banged my head of the ****ters wall in Earl's and survived

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        Keep going kidos!!
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